My name is Deborah Ares.  I am a licensed aesthetician  and  massage therapist.  My career in the healing arts began over thirty years ago .  It was during my study and practice of various body work techniques that I became increasingly aware of  the human energy field and how inextricably connected the body, mind, and spirit are.  Since then I have immersed myself in the study and experience of the human energy field, well being and skincare.  I incorporate what I have learned and continue to learn in all of the  facials and body treatments I offer to respect, nourish, and transform your skin and support your wellbeing. 
My facial and body treatments are based on products that I  create in small batches. I also utilize the product lines of  Osmosis, Dr.  Schwab,  Ambrosia, Sea Enzymes and Mychelle , depending on your skin's needs.  They are 100% pure and natural skin/body/soul products for you to enjoy and celebrate yourSelf with.  I use ingredients that are organic as much as possible, fairtrade when available, gluten free, no GMO's,  petrochemicals, parabins, SLS, perfumes, colorants, or animal testing, ever.  I am very happy and honored to share with you what I make and what I know.
I can be reached by phone at 720-840-7298 or via email at deborahares1@gmail.com
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