Each treatment is tailored for your particular needs, special requests and concerns.
SoulBody Wellness Signature Facial-This fully customized natural facial utilizes the power of healing botanicals and includes a deep cleanse, an exfoliating mask with steam, extractions if needed, a nourishing mask, a peppermint or lavender scalp massage, a massage of the face, neck and decollote using customized botanical oils and a restorative moisturizer.  1 hour $75
Clear-A detoxifying and healing facial  that cleanses and balances  oily, acne prone skin. This facial utilizes the power of deeply healing botanicals and blue LED to support you skin's healthy ecology.   1 hour $75
Soft-An ultra hydrating facial treatment created to combat the dry Colorado climate.  It's nourishing and protective qualities ensure that your skin remains vibrant, healthy and protected throughout the year.  1 hour $75
Transform-Take years off your face with this facial that combines  the best of skincare technology and the power of botanicals to deeply nourish and transform your skin.  It includes the use of the microdermabrasion machine to exfoliate and smooth your skin, cold stone face massage, an ultrasonic machine to increase the penetration of  emollient,  nourishing  skincare ingredients , and  LED, a NASA researched technology  that uses light and color to heal and transform your skin.  This facial improves collagen and elastin formation,  reduces hyperpigmentation, and improves skin tone and texture.  75 minutes  $125
Mini Facials
Short, sweet and to the point
30 minute facial- includes cleansing, exfoliating,  healing  mask, moisturizing and sunscreen.  $65
Add  microdermabrasion to any facial (except Transform facial in which it is already included) $20, add foot and/or hand scrub $15.

Eyebrow  $15 (with facial $10)
Lip  $15 (with facial $10)
Chin  $15(with facial $10)
Underarms $25
Back $45
Eyebrows  $15

Foot, Hand and Body Treatments
Be whole-This is an integrative full body massage that includes aromatherapy, Swedish and deep tissue massage, hot and/or cold stones, energy work, and cranial sacral techniques to release pain and tension from your body and leave your body, mind and spirit calm, balanced, and ready  to face your day.  One hour$75 ,75minutes, $90
Integrative Energy Healing Session-The energetic nature of the body is an invaluble source of health and wholeness.  This treatment is a combination of energy modalities including reiki, polarity therapy, craniosacral and chakra clearing and balancing.  It will release pain and tension from your body and leave your body, mind, and spirit calm, balanced and grounded.  Energy work is soul work and and the relationship between the soul and body is inextricably connected.  50 min $65
Be Purified-This is a mud mask for your whole body.  It begins with dry brushing to stimulate blood and lymph and exfoliate your skin.  You are then  painted with  a detoxifying and remineralizing mud mask composed of clay, healing botanicals, flowers, aloe vera, essential oils and flower essences.  This treatment will leave you feeling lighter, more free, more energized, clear headed and smooth skinned.  $75
Rejuvenate-This Flower and Mineral Rich Salt Scrub detoxifies, exfoliates and  re-mineralizes your tissues. It utilize pink Himalayan salt, the purest most mineral rich in the world. The salt's mineral ions penetrate the skin and have healing qualities that have been known to the Kasmiri miners and their communities for centuries.  This scrub exfoliates your skin, increases blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and smooths cellulite .  It incorporates the power of botanical oils, essential oils, organic rose, chamomile, lavender,  jasmine flowers and gem essences to beautify your skin and nourish your sense5of well being.  It is layered with warm, moist compresses.  $55
Sacred Ground-A native inspired purification for your feet that boosts circulation, cools tired, aching feet, helps reduce swelling and fluid retention and leaves you feeling grounded  and secure.  It includes a a salt scrub, clay, botanical mask,  a steamy healing balm of arnica, st. john's wart and calendula and a massage for your feet.  $55
Be Sweet-This is an aromatherapy sugar scrub for your whole body.  This scrub incorporates organic sugar, flowers, herbs,  flower essences, botanical and essential oils  to exfoliate your skin, increase blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and smooth cellulite.   $55
As above, so below-Both the feet and the scalp are powerful channels for detoxifying and healing the whole body.  They have nerve endings that when stimulated promote well being throughout the  body, mind and spirit.   Calm your mind and create deep rest for your body with this treatment that includes a salt scrub , botanical mud mask, and massage of your feet, and a head and scalp massage using sacred botanical and essential oils.  $55
Be Kneaded-This body treatment utilizes the power of Thai herbal compresses. Heated herbs bundled in cloth are massaged into your muscles.  The deep heat and  aroma of the anti inflammatory herbs warm and relax tight muscles, stimulate circulation and  lymphatic flow.  Great after a day of skiing . $75 
I've Got your Back-This treatment is a facial for your back (a bacial).  It includes  cleansing , exfoliation, massage and moisturizing of your back. $65, as an add on to a back wax $50

Foot and hand scrub- We use our hands and feet every moment of every day! This treatment is dedicated to their hard work .  It will relieve and rejuvenate  sore hands and feet and leave them soft and smooth.   I've created a special scrub for this treatment out of shea butter, hemp, coconut , and essential oils and sugar, all organic! Scrub away callouses and dead skin cells, soothe tired hands and feet with hot towel compresses, rejuvenate overused muscles with  massage, and thank  them for all the hard work they do! $25hands, $25 feet,  and $20 as an add on to a facial.
Body Wrapping

An ancient art that has been used for centuries across the globe.  In  Egypt , Rome, China, and Japan,  wraps were  used for beautifying the skin, healing the body and soothing the spirit.  The wrapping process was highly developed and very effective, just think of mummies. 
I currently offer custom developed wraps that incorporate phytonutrients, essential oils and vibrational signatures that heal and transform on physical, emotional, mental and subtle, energetic levels.
Be Peace Body Wrap-Be dry brushed and wrapped in a botanical infusion of  lavender, chamomile, calendula and St. John's wart, calming essential oils,  and flower essences promoting peace and deep calm.  While you are wrapped experience your subtle energies being balanced and strengthened using an aromatherapy scalp massage that leaves your body, mind and spirit  renewed and your skin silky smooth.  $90
Be Kind body wrap-Be dry brushed and wrapped in a botanical infusion of Jasmine and rose flowers, oatmeal, honey, jojoba oil, essential oils of sandalwood, rose and jasmine, and flower essences promoting self acceptance and wholeness.  As you  rest  within a caccoon of gentleness and healing, experience your subtle energies being balanced and strengthened with an aromatherapy scalp massage.  This wrap leaves you rejuvenated with soft, beautiful skin.  $90 
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